Verhees Engineering has completed numerous projects for homebuilders. An important limitation is often the need for the production of the parts with simple equipment. Safety and affordability are two important demands that have to be in harmony with each other.
The activities of Verhees Engineering are:
-design of aircraft parts as well as complete aircraft
-calculations, if preferred according to FAR, JAR etc
-communication with PFA, CAA

the Verhees Delta

sound and simple solutions
designing an aircraft or part step by step.

Sound and simple solutions for the homebuilder with limited means.

Simple structures with clear calculations shorten the way to approval from the authorities and improve the consideration and confidence of the builder at these agencies.

Retractable and steering main landing gear of the Delta


Designing an aircraft or part step by step.

1 defining of the purpose of the aircraft or part
2 draw-up of the specifications
3 determination of the construction material
-possibilities for the builder to work a certain material
-which material or combination of these is most suitable for the part.
4 making designs and verifying these for points 1 and 2
5 provisional stress calculations with resulting weight.
6 choosing final design
7 detail engineering
8 final stress calculations and certification report
9 manufacturing drawings
10 approval from the authorities
11 building
12 testing
13 inspection
14 flying
We must prevent authorities requiring so-called "destructive tests", where for instance a wing is loaded until it collapses. In that case we have to build two wings instead of one. Therefore it is important to make the stress calculations clear and "conservative" (this means according to proven methods) and in this way convince the inspectors.



the Verhees Delta
Landing gear Cherry
Engine mount Cherry
New wing for Sonerai II
Detachable wings for Pottier